• the sandy acre 7

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a little bit about the band

They were wafted onto the far South West Cornish shores on a balmy summers evening, carried ashore by a gentle Southerly Sirocco, carrying the musical echoes of whence they came…… the hard driving southern soul of the USA, the sway of Latin beat, a lilt of the Caribbean, all complimented by a biting British 60’s backbeat….. The hair on their heads still flaxed by the sea salt and surfwax…. they stepped ashore and continued to Rock n Roll up the dunes, settling within the far west enclaves of groovers, rockers and stoners.
Their name determined by the dunes of the bay on which their raft rolled ashore…. The Sandy Acre Seven!!!!


“An entertaining and dynamic 6-piece band who will have your toes tapping and your hips swinging from their first number to the last. Filling the dance floor by engaging all ages and tastes; from soul, blues and swing to ska, reggae and dance, and from 1950s R&B to modern anthems and contemporary classics. Fine musicians, feel-good enthusiasm, and some fancy footwork, The Sandy Acre 7 create a fantastic party atmosphere and inspire memorable fun!”

Some live recordings for your listening pleasure